Agriculture has always been an important part of the Arkansas economy. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, farmers and others in the agricultural industry face complex financial and operational challenges.

At Leek & Associates, we realize the business of agriculture is unique, so we offer industry-specific solutions that address the cyclical nature of your business to help you optimize your profitability while minimizing your tax liability. We can also help you plan to meet your ownership goals and help you retire gracefully from farming through strategic business, tax, and retirement planning.

Because we understand your specialized industry, we support you all year long as your needs change along with the life cycle of your crops. We become part of your management team to help you meet all of your financial and operational goals and take advantage of tax planning opportunities that are often overlooked by other firms.

  • Some of the services targeted to help our agricultural clients include:
  • Tax preparation and planning
  • Assessments related to energy tax credits, equipment upgrades and real estate taxes
  • Compiled, reviewed or audited financial statements, often necessary to obtain credit
  • Retirement, estate, succession, and ownership planning