The manufacturing industry faces many new challenges brought about by advances in technology. The industry faces intensified competition from both domestic and foreign operations. Trying to recruit new talent to its workforce requires implementations of technology to make the company attractive. However, investments in technology software and machinery often require significant capital financing and tax planning to remain financially profitable and competitive.

Manufacturing companies – particularly the smaller family-owned and closely-held companies – need a financial partner on their management team who understands the unique challenges of the industry.

Some of the areas in which our firm can apply its understanding of the manufacturing industry and apply our experience to help you throughout the year, to assist in your financial and operational planning, include:

  • Machinery, equipment and real property purchase planning
  • Capital financing and depreciation analysis
  • Tax credits and incentives specific to the manufacturing industry
  • Business valuation and succession & planning
  • Employee incentive and benefits plans
  • Compiled, reviewed and audited financial statements
  • Tax planning

Contact our firm today to see how we can apply our knowledge and experience within the manufacturing industry to help your company achieve its financial goals.