Systems & Business Model Planning

The bottom-line success of a business is very much impacted by its internal financial systems: accounting, billing, payroll, and reporting. The accounting and related systems must meet present and anticipated future needs of the company. Leek & Associates develops a turn-key system based upon a company’s unique characteristics. The process involves working with company leaders and staff to evaluate the current systems, develop need-based objectives, and recommend the appropriate revisions and/or software. The L&A team also coordinates software installation and implementation, conducts testing, and provides staff training ? all to assure that the system functions as intended and produces accurate and meaningful reports.

Regular Corporation, Partnership, S Corporation, LLC, Non-profit association – Leek & Associates provides the knowledge and skills to entrepreneurs who wish to form a business entity. The firm helps the owner(s) determine which of the various structures are optimal when setting up a new company, so that it meets their needs for profitability and tax considerations. The Leek & Associates team will coordinate and develop the legal and financial structure to satisfy the legal classification and tax requirements according to state and federal laws.