Not-for-profit organizations face challenges unique to their business segment while remaining accountable to their donors, boards, oversight agencies, and various stakeholders they serve.
Our firm has experience providing customized financial solutions to tax-exempt organizations like yours, including:

  • Compiled, reviewed and audited financial statements
  • Tax planning unique to support the Form 990
  • Initial start-up planning to ensure your non-profit organization’s tax-exempt status
  • Machinery, equipment and real property purchase planning
  • Accounting system design to support revenue & expense classifications unique to non-profits
  • Employee incentive and benefits plans
  • Preparation of the non-profit organization’s annual Form 990 tax return

Additionally, our firm’s staff has participated on the boards of various non-profits and service organization, so we understand the business strategies, goals and missions of non-profits as well as how to help you manage its financial operations.

Call us today to see how we can apply our non-profit experience to help your organization meet its operational & financial goals.