Audit & Related Services

Audit and related services involve setting up financial systems and controls for a business or other organization and regularly reviewing those systems and controls to see that they are meeting the business’ or organization’s needs.

Every business and organization is unique, and an organization’s financial systems must take into account that uniqueness. Audit and related services are required that can match the special needs of each individual organization, be it large or small. No two organizations are enough alike to use the same identical accounting systems and audit plan. Audit services can also fulfill other business purposes as well.

Audits focus on areas key to your entire operation and can point out problems that can hinder the entity from achieving its goals. Moreover, the auditor can recommend solutions to those problems. In addition, the auditor can enhance the internal accounting controls, and, thus, increase the efficiency of your organization and provide peace of mind.

We begin by talking with you and your management personnel in order to obtain an understanding of your organization from your perspective. We want to know how you differ from others in your industry, why you are successful, and any obstacles you see to future success. Then we plan and execute an audit. Thereafter, we give you detailed advice, and not only do we identify problems, but we suggest solutions you can implement.

Our audit and related services do not end there. L&A maintains contact with you throughout the year and meets with you as needed to advise you on the issues affecting your business/organization.

We are highly qualified to provide these auditing services your business or organization needs. We possess the experience obtained from helping a wide variety of businesses and other organizations meet their accounting and auditing requirements.

As part of our audit and related services, we can also:

  • Help develop a business plan
  • Compile and review financial statements
  • Review internal accounting and operational controls
  • Undertake feasibility studies
  • Project cash flows
  • Project proforma transactions
  • Prepare statements related to compliance with agreements or standards
  • Perform agreed-upon procedures